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Michael Rivas Law

You may be going through a difficult time, but you don’t have to do it alone. 


Are you currently going through a divorce, or are you looking to start the process? Do you need help with a new or existing parenting plan? Are you looking for an affordable way to move efficiently through a non-contested divorce? Do you speak Spanish and need to speak directly to an attorney without a translator? Michael Rivas Law can help.


With a focus on family law and a passion for treating clients with integrity and empathy, Michael Rivas Law offers practical solutions for your legal needs. 

Introducing our law firm

Practice Areas



Let’s face it: divorce is tough. We will walk you through the process as smoothly as possible so that you feel informed and empowered, all while treating you with the respect and dignity you deserve. With our transparent billing and flat-rate pricing options, you will know exactly what you are paying for on the front end. 


Child Custody

Perhaps no single issue can be as painful and heated as child custody. We know you want the best for your children, and we believe that every child deserves a solution that will benefit them in the long run. We are dedicated to creating a parenting plan that will suit the needs of your individual children.  


Post-Divorce Enforcement & Modification:

When divorced parties refuse to do what is required of them by a court order, they may have to appear before a court to explain why. Whether you are seeking to enforce a decree or are the person accused of noncompliance, we will assist you in effectively presenting the facts before the judge. Circumstances can change. We can help you understand your options and work to modify existing court orders.   


Wills & Estates

Planning for the future is critical to ensuring the best for yourself and your family. Through a will, living will, and power of attorney, you will be able to give your loved ones the gifts of peace and clarity even during the most difficult of times. 

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